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Verb, Transitive • NC-17 • McKay/Sheppard • 01/06/05 • 52 kb

"There was no way he could loose Rodney." [sic]

Nothing Beside Remains • NC-17 • McKay/Sheppard • 01/14/05 • 7 kb • Spoilers for "The Brotherhood" and "Letters From Pegasus"

The Wraith are coming.

The Heart of the Matter • NC-17 • McKay/Sheppard • 01/20/05 • 9 kb

Rodney liked being direct.

Polite Discourse • G • McKay/Sheppard • 01/23/05 • 5 kb

"I'm sorry, McKay—did you just criticize my people skills?"

Inductive Reasoning • G • McKay/Sheppard • 01/28/05 • 55 kb • Spoilers for "The Brotherhood"

"The Brotherhood" (Ultra Woobie Slash Remix)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio • G • 02/01/05 • 5 kb • Minor spoilers for "Underground"

Silliness. They would have been wise not to make enemies of the Genii.

The Proof of This is Left as an Exercise for the Reader • G • McKay/Sheppard • 02/10/05 • 12 kb • Spoilers for "Underground"

"And yet you seem to be unclear on when to shut the hell up."

The X Factor • NC-17 • McKay/Sheppard • 02/17/05 • 10 kb

"You're incredibly weird, do you know that? And gorgeous. And also annoying, and entirely too smart and too charming for anyone's good, and I should completely and utterly loathe you."

Unforeseen • G • McKay/Sheppard • 02/24/05 • 12 kb • Spoilers for "Suspicion"

"Don't worry, Rodney." Sheppard smirked at him. "I don't expect even you to anticipate everything."

Back-Up Plan • PG • McKay/Sheppard • 03/15/05 • 11 kb

"I'm finding it hard to conjure up any sympathy for you and your overwhelming powers of attraction, Major."

All's Fair (Rules of Engagement Remix) • PG-13 • McKay/Sheppard • 03/26/05 • 9 kb

"Oh, right, because I'm sure the Wraith are going to observe the rules of engagement."

Remix of All's Fair by Leah, written for Remix Redux III: Reloaded.

Damage Control • NC-17 • McKay/Sheppard • 03/27/05 • 13 kb • Spoilers for "Siege 2"

"I'm kind of getting the impression that you're not too happy with me, Rodney," Sheppard said.

between the lines • G • McKay/Sheppard • 04/01/05 • 4 kb • Spoilers through "Siege 2"

He doesn't know when the beginning was, exactly.

Flashfic responses

Finding His Place • G • McKay/Sheppard • 03/07/05 • 9 kb • Spoilers for "Rising"

Given how utterly and completely his life had changed in the last day or so, Rodney wasn't sure he was ready for that much more uncertainty.

"First Night" Challenge

Kings of Infinite Space • G • McKay/Sheppard • 03/10/05 • 9 kb • Spoilers for "38 Minutes"

It was a pretty crappy two hours for everyone.

"Enclosed Spaces" Challenge

Undertow • PG • McKay/Sheppard • 03/30/05 • 13 kb

"You're lost, aren't you?" Even up close and personal, Rodney's not afraid to be gleefully scathing. "Utterly and completely lost."

"Swimming/Water" Challenge