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Warning Shots

Title: Warning Shots

Author: kageygirl

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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Rating: G

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Sheppard turned the corner just in time to see a small, dark-haired woman with an Indian flag patch on her arm slap Rodney McKay across the face and walk away.

"Wow. That went really, really badly." McKay rubbed his cheek and worked his jaw theatrically, then turned to Sheppard. "Do you think I deserved that?"

"Depends on what you did." Sheppard crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, smirking. "I take it back—yeah, you probably deserved that."

"It's astonishing how many of the women here refuse to have anything to do with me, romantically speaking." McKay started down the hallway, and Sheppard pushed himself off the wall, ambling along behind him. "It's almost as if—"

"They've met you?"

McKay shot him an irritated glance. "As if someone's been warning them off. But everyone I ever dated is in another galaxy."

Sheppard tilted his head, watching McKay from the side. "Well, a lot of the Marines here were SGC personnel. Maybe they heard something from Colonel Carter."

"But we never—" McKay cut himself off abruptly. "I mean, she's very discreet, and, ah," McKay bobbed his head with a quirky smile, "she never had cause for complaint."

"Of course not." Sheppard rolled his eyes, but Rodney was distracted by something else.

They'd reached the mess, and a group of scientists was exiting the room. Following McKay's stare, Sheppard watched a tall blonde Russian lag behind the rest as she flipped through a stack of papers.

McKay clapped his hands together softly and rubbed them together. "Well, well, well. If at first you don't succeed—impress her with your knowledge of her language."

He headed towards the woman and struck up a conversation. She broke into a delighted smile, and nodded in response to something McKay said.

Sheppard moved around so that he was directly in her line of sight. When she glanced past McKay's shoulder, he gave her a hard stare. The woman blanched, looking briefly at McKay before meeting Sheppard's eyes again, and Sheppard nodded grimly. She dropped her eyes back to her papers, murmured something to McKay, and quickly walked off, head down. Sheppard had just enough time to paste a neutral expression on his face before McKay turned around.

"Did you see that?" McKay shook his head in confusion. "I thought it was going well, and then—nothing."

Sheppard clapped a hand on McKay's shoulder. And if the gesture was a little more possessive than friendly—well, there was a whole mess hall to think about. "Better luck next time, McKay." He turned the other man towards the doorway and gave him a gentle push. "Come on—I'll buy you lunch."