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Title: Lucidity

Author: kageygirl

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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Rating: G

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Spoilers: "Home"

Beta: Not as such, but it made Leah giggle at 2am. Oh, and I took the title partly from her beta of something else.

Disclaimer: Have they been to the planet where the wearing of clothing is punishable by death? No? Then they ain't mine. No money being made here (though if the producers wanted to run with the "clothing=death" idea, I hereby cede all rights to it).

Summary: "Someone took something you said the wrong way? I'm shocked and amazed."

"Brunette, huh?"

"I'm sorry?"

Sheppard stepped further into the storage locker where McKay was storing the tools he'd used to reassemble the DHD, allowing the door to close behind him. "You said something about a brunette in your little tailor-made fantasy world."

McKay looked up from the toolbox he knelt beside. "Oh, yes—my neighbor. I gave her my cat. She usually just gave me the finger."

"Ah. So you pretty much win people over with your charm and tact wherever you go."

"It was all the result of a terrible misunderstanding. I offered to help her hook up her cable and she took that as a—rather—graphic and unfortunate euphemism."

"Someone took something you said the wrong way? I'm shocked and amazed."

"Yes, well, clarity is sadly underappreciated. Just because most people are satisfied with overwhelming imprecision of expression is no reason for me to lower myself to their level."

"No, we—wouldn't want you to lower yourself, Rodney." Sheppard leaned over McKay, working his fingers under the shoulder straps of McKay's vest and pulling him to his feet.

"M-Major? What are you—"

"Just expressing myself in the most precise way possible." Sheppard slid his hands along McKay's neck, cradling his head, and kissed him, slow and deep.

When Sheppard pulled away, McKay was resting his hands possessively on Sheppard's hips, but the look on his face was both analytical and faintly troubled. "The alien said you had a lot of control over what happened to you." McKay's voice was subdued. "Is this what you—?"

"With Teyla watching? No, she'd kind of kill the mood." Sheppard used his body to crowd McKay against the wall and set to exploring McKay's neck with his mouth. "Besides, I knew it wasn't real, so I knew it wouldn't have been you. And I really like you being here for this." McKay groaned deep in his throat, dropping his head back against the wall, and Sheppard smiled against the stubble on McKay's cheek. He then pulled back sharply, and McKay's eyes snapped open.


"I just realized something." He smirked at McKay, and stroked his thumbs along McKay's cheeks to dispel the clouds he saw forming in his eyes. "I figured it out first. That must mean I'm smarter than you."

"Clearly not." McKay slid his hands inside Sheppard's jacket and across his ribs. Sheppard tried not to twitch as McKay's fingers slipped across the fabric of his shirt.

"No? Why not?"

McKay's hands settled against his shoulder blades, drawing Sheppard forward. "If you were, you'd realize when it was time to do something better with your mouth than talking."

Well, damn, thought Sheppard. I can't really argue with that.