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Title: Immoveable/Irresistible

Author: kageygirl

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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Pairing: Sheppard/McKay

Rating: PG

Summary: Statements of intent.

Date: 10/13/04

AN: Vignette.

Rodney is used to wanting what he can't have.

He could blame his parents for that, for never really loving him, but that kind of New-Age tripe is a waste of time and energy. It's just a recurring behavior pattern he's developed. Some sort of inherent inability to accept the limitations imposed by social exchange theory.

Intellect being superior to emotion, he has accepted this state of affairs: he will want something that's beyond his reach, but he won't get it.

Unfortunately, this understanding doesn't keep him from wanting those things anyway.

He wants Major John Sheppard. He will not have him. Clearly. The man is a highly skilled pilot and tactician, possessing undeniable physical appeal, charming in a simplistic sort of way. Far more intelligent than a member of the military establishment has any right to be—and look how well that worked out for Rodney before.

He's also edgy enough to dish back whatever vitriol Rodney aims at him. And that's what gets Rodney, every time. More than the face or the body, he's always fallen for a sharp wit.

Lately, Sheppard's wit has been particularly sharp. He almost seems to be baiting Rodney, trying to force a response, to make Rodney take their sparring to the next level. "Almost" meaning "Rodney must be delusional," and "the next level" meaning—

Well, it doesn't matter what it means, because—see: "Rodney's delusional." It would be completely and utterly fruitless to dwell on something that's never going to happen.

He keeps telling himself that. He does. He has to, because Sheppard keeps… focusing on him. Paying attention while Rodney goes on a conversational tangent involving some scientific principle. Covering a smirk when Rodney mutters an aside that everyone else ignores. Snarking back at Rodney as if…

As if he knows that's the best way to make Rodney want him.

But he knows that Sheppard doesn't really have feelings for him. Rodney's not his type. Oh, Rodney knows he's got his assets, intelligence and articulacy among them. But he's seen what turns Sheppard's head, and he's not like them—not strong and composed and quietly commanding. There are plenty of people around here like that, and Sheppard will eventually turn to one of them. Rodney is just a passing fascination, appealing only because he's new and different. Part of that "geek chic" that never seems to apply to actual geeks.

Which means that Rodney's going to have to wait Sheppard out.

The smart thing to do, the quick and easy thing, would be to just give in and let Sheppard have his way with him. That way, the major can exhaust his curiosity, grow bored, and move on.

And it's not like Rodney wouldn't enjoy the sex. There hasn't been nearly enough of that lately.

But Rodney's not going to do that.

Rodney is used to wanting what he can't have, but Sheppard? Sheppard has clearly never had to learn to live with disappointment. It will take him a while to accept the inconceivable—that Rodney's resisting his advances. And in the meantime, Sheppard will keep up his pursuit.

This way, Rodney won't have screwed up their working relationship, or, even worse, their improbable friendship. And, pointless as it may be, he'll be able to enjoy the attention a little bit longer.

Even geniuses can fool themselves, for a little while.


Rodney's used to wanting what he can't have.

That's pretty obvious—for all of his complaining, there's always a sense of resignation there. Like he's going through the motions, like he knows he's going to be disappointed, but he keeps trying anyway.

John finds that kind of determination intriguing. It's not so hard to climb a hill when you can see the summit. Walking up a slope with no end in sight takes grit.

Rodney's used to wanting what he can't have, so he's good at hiding his real feelings. Puts up a wall of barbed retorts and intellectual superiority, bitches about the little things. That Rodney wants John is just an instinct, but good pilots have good instincts. And John is an excellent pilot.

Rodney's forthright about what he thinks. To the point of bluntness, if John's not feeling charitable. But John appreciates honesty. He likes knowing the terrain.

Rodney does his best to avoid danger, but he comes through in the clutch. He convinces himself of his limits, and then doesn't realize when he's surpassing them.

Rodney talks a mile a minute. John has always liked going really fast.

Rodney's used to wanting what he can't have. Boy, is he in for a surprise.