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Empirical Evidence

Title: Empirical Evidence

Author: kageygirl

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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Pairing: Sheppard/McKay

Rating: G

"Get away from me."

John swung around to face Rodney, ducking an overhanging branch from one of the trees. "Excuse me?"

Rodney crouched by the half-buried metal sphere they'd found. He waved a hand imperiously at John. "Away, away, away. Go."

"Yeah, okay." John strolled across the mouth of the little clearing again, without getting any farther away from Rodney. "Why, exactly?"

"Does it matter? Shoo." Rodney stared a little too intently at his scanner. He seemed to be deliberately avoiding John's eyes.

Folding his hands over the butt of his P90, John scanned the treeline again as he addressed Rodney. "'Shoo?' Who says that to an adult?"

"Clearly, I do." Rodney stood up and shot John an accusing glare. "And yet, you're still here."

"Yes, I am." John nodded across the meadow to Ford, who was with Teyla, keeping an eye on the anthro geeks as they scrambled around the pillars they'd found—sorry, "stelae," as Corrigan had assured him. Ford nodded back, grinning at all the scientific enthusiasm, and John turned back to Rodney. "That's because I'm trying to figure out if you're back in the running for 'Touchiest Person on Atlantis,' now that Dr. Forssmann has ended his strike and started speaking English again, or if something's actually the matter."

Rodney pointed sharply at John. "That. Right there, that is what's the matter."

John paused and stared right back at Rodney. "What?"

Rodney looked away and walked around to the other side of the sphere. "You're far too—attentive. People are going to start noticing."

"Noticing." John felt his eyes narrow.

Crouching again, as if he couldn't keep still, Rodney muttered, "That you're always hovering."


"And apparently losing the capacity to form independent speech!" Rodney exploded out of his crouch and stalked toward John.

John stood still and let Rodney come to him. He spoke softly, mindful of Rodney's agitation, even if he didn't quite get it. "Whoa, Rodney—calm down."

"I'm fine. I'm calm." Yeah, right. Any "calmer" and he'd be oscillating. "I would be the soul of equanimity if you would just—go away."

"Because people are going to start noticing." John kept his voice level.

Rodney scowled at him. "Yes. And thank you for the recap."

"They're going to notice what, exactly?"

"That you—that we're—" Rodney waved his scanner at John, at himself, at the both of them and the inoffensive clearing where they stood, as if the words he was looking for were hidden somewhere in the greenery.

"Doing our jobs? That you're doing your thing, staring at your equipment and muttering, and I'm doing mine, watching your back?"

Rodney stepped closer and lowered his voice, even though the others were too far away to hear him and too preoccupied to care. "That we're involved, okay? There, I said it, are you happy now?"

"Actually, yeah." John grinned at Rodney and tapped his fingers on the P90's stock. "But you don't need to worry, Rodney. Because we're both professionals, and we're not going to let our involvement get in the way of our work." He gave Rodney a pointed stare. "Are we?"

Rodney blinked and shook his head. "No, of course not."

"No, we're not." John paced away from Rodney, waiting until his back was turned before adding, "And if I happen to take a moment here and there to stare at your ass while watching your back, no one else needs to know about that."

Rodney looked back over his shoulder at John. The tension in his face had dissipated, leaving something like wary affection. "You're just—you're impossible, you know that?"

"But professionally so."

"Get away from me." This time, there was no malice in it, and John just smiled as he walked the perimeter of the clearing.

"Not going to happen." He met Rodney's gaze over the sphere as he circled. "If it makes you feel better, I swear no one will be able to tell that anything's changed."

"Really?" Rodney tracked him until John crossed behind him again. "What, precisely, is the basis for that bold pronouncement?"

"Rodney, I always hovered." Making sure they were screened by the foliage, John stepped in close behind Rodney, close enough to breathe on his neck and watch him shiver. "You were just the last one to notice."