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Title: Connection

Author: kageygirl

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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Pairing: Sheppard/McKay preslash

Rating: G

Spoilers: "Home"

Rodney's not a nice person. He knows this. Frankly, he's not trying to be a nice person, because it seems to entail a whole lot of effort for very little reward. Having to tap-dance around someone else's feelings is just…tiresome. (He doesn't even consider whether or not he's a "good" person to be a meaningful question. It's far too dependent upon frame of reference and circumstance, and besides, where has being "good" ever gotten anyone? History shows that "bad" people do pretty well for themselves.)

His life would be so much easier if people would leave him alone and let him do his thing, and not worry about how he's treating them. It's not like it bothers him when other people aren't nice to him.

In fact, quite the opposite. People being nice to him freaks him out. Especially when it's coupled with people not leaving him alone.

When it's Major Sheppard doing the "being nice" and "not leaving him alone," well, he's not sure if it makes him more uncomfortable than anyone else doing it. But he's definitely feeling off balance, and he's pretty sure everyone knows by now that off-balance Rodney is pain-in-the-ass Rodney.

They should know that, at any rate. But Sheppard seems to have missed the memo.

"How's it coming?"

Rodney scowls at Sheppard's legs, because that's all he can see from underneath the DHD console. He still has traces of dust from the mist aliens' planet on his pants. "Fine, thank you for asking. Again."

Sheppard swivels his seat back and forth a bit, like a kid. Rodney wonders again why the major's bothering to sit there, if he's so bored.

Sheppard's voice is the definition of casual. "It just seems to be taking you a little longer to put that back than it did to take it out."

All right, maybe "being nice" was an overstatement.

"Well, Major," Rodney grimaces as he struggles to reach a connector that couldn't possibly have been placed in a more inaccessible spot, "as you and Dr. Weir and, I don't know—everyone else remotely involved?—have been compelled to point out, if I don't put this control crystal back properly, we can't dial Earth. So I'm taking my time, because we can't exactly pick up replacement parts at the nearest Radio Shack."

"Right." More swiveling, then Sheppard stops. "Need a hand?"

"I really—" Rodney slots a last cable into place, and watches the module glow a healthy blue. "—don't." Rodney rubs his hands together in satisfaction, then gathers his tools and slides out from under the console.

To find Major Sheppard leaning towards him, right at eye level and very close. Rodney jerks back in surprise, and whacks his head into the edge of the console.

"Ow!" Rodney ducks his head, poking tentatively at the bump. "Ow, ow, ow."

"Let me see." Before Rodney can protest, Sheppard has his fingers in Rodney's hair, gently stroking along his scalp. His fingers are warm.

Rodney glances to either side, but the control room techs are all busy working at distant stations. They, at least, have learned the "leave Rodney alone" rule. Which is really, really good, because Rodney's sure this looks a little odd, and he's glad that the only thing he's making eye contact with is the top of Sheppard's boot.

"This doesn't look too bad. It's not bleeding or anything." Sheppard lightly traces the edge of the sore spot, and Rodney twitches away involuntarily. "Sorry." Sheppard smoothes Rodney's hair down and holds him still.

Then Sheppard gives Rodney a feather-light kiss on the top of his head and lets go. Rodney raises his head slowly, looking up warily at Sheppard. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. But Sheppard just gives him a smile and stands up, holding out his hand to help Rodney to his feet.

"Thanks." Rodney stands up and rubs the back of his neck, still watching Sheppard.

"Any time," Sheppard says, as if he really means it—as if kissing Rodney's head is the kind of thing he'd do every day.

Rodney finally turns to the console, because it's clear that Sheppard's content to let Rodney stare at him as long as he likes, and that's kind of disconcerting.

"OK, I just need to—here we go." Rodney powers the panel back up, and all of the indicators light up. "All set to dial Earth—when we find a sufficiently charged ZPM, of course."

Sheppard steps up behind him and looks down over his shoulder. "Nice." He rests his hand on the small of Rodney's back, tapping his thumb twice, breathing past Rodney's neck.

Rodney should walk away. He really should, before he says something especially biting. He's definitely feeling off balance.

But right now, Sheppard's hand is somehow keeping him steady.