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Badfic 2

Title: Badfic 2

Author: kageygirl

E-mail: kageygirl@gmail.com

URL: http://www.kageygirl.com

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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Pairing: Sheppard/McKay

Rating: G

Warning: Badfic. Verybadfic. Horriblywrongfic.

Major John Sheppard was playing hackysack on one of the terraces with Lieutenant Aiden Ford when all of the sudden a pain hit him that was so bad it made him fall down on the floor.

It was like the light of a million suns exploded all over the inside of his head. His Rodney was in trouble!

Wait, HIS Rodney? They were just friends. But now he knew Rodney was HIS Rodney, just like John was Rodney's John. And John's Rodney was hurt, so he had to go to him.

He jumped up and said to Ford, "Rodney's hurt!" And they ran off the terrace, never noticing that they'd forgotten the hackysack.

When they got to the lab Rodney was sitting on a stool with his head in his hands. Zelenka was next to him. But Rodney looked up as soon as John ran in, like he knew John was coming. Just like John had known right where Rodney was and had run there without making any wrong turns or anything.

Zelenka waved his hands around. "He touched something marked 'Soul Bond-O.'" The Czech scientist looked down at his notes. "No, 'Soulbonder.' The Ancient files say that it bonds together two souls that are destined for each other."

John nodded. He could feel Rodney from across the room. His head hurt, too. But he felt the same thing that John did. John could feel it in his head, too, like they were connected. "That's what it did," Rodney said. "John, I hoped…but I never thought…"

"Oh, Rodney!" John exclaimed. "Me too!"

And he ran to Rodney and embraced him. Ford and Zelenka watched, and they were happy, because they were truly two souls meant to be together, and no one could possibly deny that, not even Kavanagh, who was always mean to Rodney, or Bates, who was always mean to John. That's how right the soulbond was.